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Apr. 17th, 2010

yep .. like i said, i don't really write in this thing, i usually just use it to post in communities etc. but, feel more than free to hit me up on one of the ten billion social networking sites around these days


Jul. 8th, 2008

yeah, i suck at writing in this. and when i do, its usually protected .. i'm just too damn lazy to go through and change the security on all my old posts haha. using this for communities etc, mostly.

Sep. 17th, 2007

fuck, i'm bored. 'cause this is totally such an awesome time of day and all (not).

i'm so fucked .. exam/assignment week, plus 35+ hours of work equals me feeing well and truly rooted. i just dyed my hair an hour or so out of sheer boredom, and i managed to get hair dye on the back of the bathroom door .. yeah, i did the same thing in the last room i was living in. i am a massive idiot.

somehow managed to lose yet another nametag, idk how. or it's hiding somewhere in my car. so now i can either be kristen or andrea, haha. i'm THAT up for the beach tomorrow morning, if i can get my lazy fat ass out of bed in time.

Sep. 11th, 2007

Dude, I haven't written in livejournal in fucking forever. I can't remember the password to that xanga thingo, and I figure I've been writing in livejournal on and off since I was like what, 13 or something? There's like all little chapters of my life here in different accounts, it's interesting to see how much of a fuckstain I was in year eight or so lol.

Anyway, I'll move all the posts over from the xanga thing eventually. I don't even really know why I made this, I'm just trying to make a habit of writing shit down for no apparent reason.

I have this batshit evil oral exam tomorrow that I'm pretttty much screwed for, so I should probably get to it so I don't have 'epic fail' written on my transcript.

Aug. 26th, 2007

I just realised I never wrote about Splendour this year. Okay, I did, but it got lost on my other computer when it shit itself, poor little guy :$ Again, I don't give two shits if no-one reads this, it's more for the whole memories thing.

Okay, so. Fuck, I'm having a mental blank. Saturday, drove down to Byron and got there at like 12 or 1 with Kirsty, it took fucking forever to get a park because there were like twenty thousand people all descending on Belongil Fields at pretty much the same time lol. Hung out with some people, saw The Horrors. They were pretty fucking sweet. Met up with some more Brisbane people and we all danced around like total fucking morons to the Editors, who were effing awesome. 'An End Has A Start' and 'Munich' effing went off, yo. Then nothing really .. if it were a couple of years ago, I would have wanted to have seen The Beautiful Girls, but they're pretentious wankers and their new music sucks so we pissed that off and went back to the car to get jumpers 'cause it was freezing. I was so fucking pissed, I totally forgot that Ash were playing, and as we were walking back I heard them play 'Burn Baby Burn' which has been my favourite song of theirs for like five years, so i was like fuck! fuck! and ran back to the Supertop and danced around to them, and they even played Girl From Mars at the end which was awesome.

So we found Carly's tent and Laura's tent (They were like a row apart from each other? Weird) and chilled out for a while, saw some people from uni, dicked around with a shopping cart, like .. pushing each other around on it and smashing it into the ground and trees and fun destructive shit. Oh and these people had like an entire living room set up in front of their tent, with like a lamp and carpet and a sofa, it was amazing lol. We could hear music coming from the festival and we were like "Ewwww, what the fuck is that sound? Oh wait .. The Cat Empire and Sneaky Sound System are playing at the same time, that explains everything. Ew." Walked all the way to the very back tent to see Sarah Blasko .. dude, as always, she is so amazing that it makes me want to cry. Kirsty and I were seriously standing there the whole time like "Dude, I'm not gay, but she is so fucking hot. She is SO fucking hot, yo!" But dude, the fucking greatest thing ever .. she played Flame Trees! That song is like a classic yo, the atmosphere was so cool. It was like, hundreds and hundreds of people all huddled inside this tent together trying to stay warm at the end of this massive day of music, with Sarah Blasko in front of us, and like .. no-one talked during that song. Everyone effing just stood there staring at her singing it, even the guys who had been dragged to see her by their girlfriends, effing everyone. It was SO rad :$

What else .. we went to see Hot Chip, danced around for a while, but as much as I love their record I honestly found them really really boring live, so we went and got food and came back to see Lily Allen. She came on and played LDN and Nan You're A Window Shopper and everyone I was with was like massively unimpressed, so I was like "Okay bye guys!" and squished my way to the front and danced around like a dick by myself. I don't fucking care, it's Lily effing Allen, there's no way I'm going to stand at the back and not have a good time. So I did. She played like her whole album and a few covers ('Oh My God' by the Kaiser Chiefs was really really fucking good, everyone yelled out the words due to probably just having seen the Kaiser Chiefs' set like an hour beforehand lol), and she even played like guitar and keyboard and shit because apparently her record company was too povo to give her a proper backing band haha. So that finished at like midnight, and we walked back to the carpark and waited like a motherfucking hour to get out of the damn carpark. We got home at like 2.30 or something .. which isn't that late, but after a day like that it totally is. I was so tired driving home, I was like falling asleep and I just kept telling myself like "Dude, you can't fall asleep. Seriously, just stay awake for one more hour. If you fall asleep now, you're gonna die. You don't want to die, you want to live!" It was actually pretty fucking scary lol. Okay, I'm going to write an even less riveting entry about Sunday when I get home from work.